The AIPEPE project has an ambitious roadmap that includes several key milestones and development phases. Here is an overview of the AIPEPE project roadmap:

Phase 1: Initial Development

  • Development of the AIPEPE token smart contract

  • Deployment of the AIPEPE token on the Binance Smart Chain

  • Development of the AIPEPE whitepaper.

  • Development of the AIPEPE website and social media presence

Phase 2: Marketing and Community Building

  • Launch of AIPEPE's first marketing campaign

  • Development of the AIPEPE community through social media and other channels

  • Partnership development to expand the AIPEPE ecosystem

Phase 3: Launching the AIPEPE Project

  • Launch a presale on PinkSale to raise funds for further development and marketing of the AIPEPE app.

  • Complete the development of the Beta AIPEPE app, including ChatAI, ArtAI, MusicAI, and Autominted NFT features, and release it on both iOS and Android platforms.

  • Listing $AIPEPEAIPEPE token on Pancakeswap.

  • Audit by Hacken.

  • Launch marketing campaigns to promote the AIPEPE project to potential users and investors.

Phase 4: Product Development

  • Release of the official AIPEPE app with ChatAI, AI Artist, AI Music, and Autominted NFT features.

  • Further development of the AIPEPE token ecosystem and associated dApps

  • Integration of the AIPEPE token and app with additional blockchain networks and marketplaces

  • Integrate the AIPEPE app with popular DeFi platforms to enable users to easily buy, sell, and trade AIPEPE tokens and other cryptocurrencies.

Phase 5: Expansion and Adoption

  • Expansion of the AIPEPE user base through marketing and community-building efforts

  • Development of additional features and services for the AIPEPE app

  • Listing on additional exchanges to increase liquidity and accessibility

  • Launch AIPEPE Labs, a research and development arm of AIPEPE focused on creating new AI-powered tools and solutions to solve real-world problems.

Phase 6: Decentralized Governance

  • Participate in blockchain-related events and competitions to showcase the unique features and capabilities of the AIPEPE app, as well as to connect with potential partners and investors.

  • Implementation of decentralized governance for the AIPEPE ecosystem through the AIPEPEDAO

  • Community-driven decision-making for the future development of AIPEPE and associated dApps

  • Expansion of the AIPEPE ecosystem through collaboration and partnership with other projects and networks

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